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Our Expertise

TheCloudPartner brings more than 17+ years of experience in CRM domain along with in-depth experience in Salesforce platform helping organizations of all sizes to select right Salesforce solution maximizing their CRM investments no matter where you are in your CRM journey.

We specialize in managing all types of digital and change management projects ranging from business process improvement, customer relationship management, digital marketing, website re-design, e-commerce implementation and many other types of projects.

We follow Scrum, an agile framework for completing complex projects.

Every organization must embrace digital transformation to ensure its relevance in today’s dynamic marketplace. At the core of every transformation road map is the need to define and implement an impactful cloud strategy.

TheCloudPartner has prepared and enabled firms for digital transformation through cloud implementation by looking at the following key areas of planning:

  • Business drivers for Transformation

  • Success criteris for cloud strategy

  • Understanding the needs of the organization stakeholders

  • People, resourcing to fully support the implementation

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